Tailor Made Tours designs, develops and produces customized group travels, individual travels, meetings and exhibitions, incentives and educationals, fly & drive or leisure, whether they are of a cultural, natural, eno-gastronomic, political-social or institutional nature. By high quality standards. Tailor Made Tours is your local trusted advisor helping you to avoid wasting your time and money and to experience YOUR dream vacation

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In our era of hyper-visibility, of the already seen, the already experienced before departure, of millions of same pictures already made and steps already done, traveling must become something different. It must return to be what it was: a “holiday” from everyday life. The world offers itself us with all its magnificent diversity. Choice depends on us, on the quality of our desires, on our freedom…on the meaning of our research.







“Sicily is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. Between Europe and Africa, simultaneously facing the West as well as the exotic East”